"I have incorporated every one of your corrections, and once again, I am impressed with your ability to find them, even to the point of keeping all the characters names straight"

M. Adams, author of “The Jovial Juror” and “The Remorseful Rafter"

K. A Neeson

"You delivered the work in a timely manner and found things many did not. I appreciated your help more than you know. Hearing that you liked it really helped me. You are a blessing to any others that come across your path"

Angie Tournado

"Thank you so much for working on my novel. I was even, more happy to meet a kind person. I've been struggling with editing my novel for a long time and was wishing, for someone to come along and help me. My wish was granted and I met you - I was over the moon, to find a respected person who would take their time to help me with my novels. I hope we can become best friends and we could meet one day, look forward to working in the future."

Bill Joyce, author of "Shadow Soldiers 3"

"Acknowledging that I have provided you with and field full of “comma” haystacks, I am amazed at the flibs and flubs you uncovered. Without your critical eye, my work would have gone out tarnished with mistakes I could not find. Thank you for your services and your gentle care of a story teller with grammatical deficiencies. I now feel my book is ready for the world!"

J. D. Light, author of "Forever Young's"

"MaryAnne was amazing! She really helped me out of a jam. She was quick, efficient and absolutely delightful. The pricing was great too. I highly recommend her!"

 Mathiya Adams Blog -

"Mary Anne has helped me countless times from correcting my grammatical errors to suggesting more professional ways to write. She’s helped me with the writing of legal procedures, presentations, and academic work. The work that I have turned in is free of grammatical errors, and professionally written. Her work is impeccable and she has a very quick turnaround. I continue to use her services, and I fully recommend her."

Jessica Pineda

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